Coco360 emerges from the fusion of Arnau Macià, audiovisual creator, and Climax Amish, an App+Web study. Together we want to experience the opportunities that Virtual Reality is offering

We love everything related to the audiovisuals and digitals. We like to create striking experiences, but we also want to produce knowledge and entertainment.

We work with production houses, public institutions, private companies,.. worldwide!

We give everything in every project. We pull out all the stops: creativity, knowledge and enthusiasm, to get the best results in every project.




[Audiovisual Director]

Arnau Macià is an audiovisual creator, born and raised in Barcelona.

Licenced in Audiovisual Communication, he has a solid experience in the publicity industry, and has worked as a freelance with the best national production companies. Over the years he has been defined as director and editor, specially after the time he spent working in the Bollywood industry. He use to think that further steps need to be make, and will contribute with his technical and theorical knowledge to the 360º video shootings.



[Digital Director]

Founder at Climax Amish, a Web and App creative study, raised in Barcelona and Medellín, focused on design, development of webs and apps, and creation of digital content.

Since 2010 we’re creating digital projects that offer innovative and productive solutions, taking care specially in his design and usability. With our experience in digital development, we love to discover with our clients, the new opportunities that offers the Virtual Reality.