Coco360 is specialized in the Virtual Reality production. We take care from all the production processes, shooting 360º videos: preproduction, shooting, postproduction, development and digital engineering.

We use the most advanced technologies, shooting at the best quality, to reach an optimum result in 4K, getting closer to a 100% immersive experience.

Due to the versatility of augmented reality, we produce all kinds of videos, like events, shows, publicity, corporative, conferences, fiction, social and cultural experiences, and a long ‘etc’.



Before the shooting day is essential to study every single project to preproduce it the best way. During the shoot itself we use 6x GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition cameras, mounted over the Freedom 360 Explorer rig, to obtain the most impressive images in high quality.



We use the most advanced softwares to produce the 360º experiences. We stitch the different videos and create an absolutely immersive 360 environment, reaching a great surrounding experience.



For the optimum reproduction of this technology, we develope independent App’s satisfying the clients requirements, and the necessary engineering to reproduce the footage in web navigators and Smartphones.